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Our nation’s most successful career preparation program for at-risk young adults

For Communities

Job Corps’ return on investment is not limited to the dollars recovered as a result of its students’ educational and skills gains. Job Corps campuses also represent a base of economic activity in their communities that is particularly important during these challenging economic times.

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For Employers

Job Corps succeeds because it takes a demand-driven approach to workforce development. Job Corps recognizes that the only way to prepare workers to be successful in the workforce is to train them for the jobs and to the standards that employers themselves identify.

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For Taxpayers

Studies consistently find Job Corps to be the most effective national dropout recovery program. Last year, 75% of Job Corps’ nearly 50,000 enrollees entered employment or higher education, potentially saving taxpayers and society as much as $38 billion over their lifetimes!

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For At-Risk Youth

Job Corps students have access to charter schools, online high school programs, co-enrollment programs with local schools and community colleges, and vocational offerings in over 100 different trades in 11 major industries. Everything they need to begin a successful career!

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“We have never lost sight of our goal: an America in which every citizen shares all the opportunities of his society, in which every man has a chance to advance his welfare to the limit of his capacities…to finish that work I have called for a national war on poverty. Our objective: total victory.”

–PRESIDENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON (Special Message to the Congress Proposing a Nationwide War on the Sources of Poverty through the Creation of Job Corps and Other Programs)

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Hawaii Job Corps student Mala Sylvester recently shadowed Congresswoman Hanabusa as part of the 6th Annual Foster Youth Shadow Day! #JobCorpsWorks ... See MoreSee Less

Today is the 6th Annual Foster Youth Shadow Day and I was fortunate to have Kalamaikamala ("Mala") Sylvester join me from Honolulu, Hawaii. Mala chose to participate in the Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program because she wants to "help make the foster care system better for her fellow brother and sisters in care." Mala is a wonderful young woman. I was glad she could join me for the Women in the Military Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, where she had the opportunity to meet distinguished women leaders from the five services. A success story from the foster care system, I wish Mala the best, confident she will continue to help others in foster care through her leadership by example.

2 days ago

A Gary JCC graduate, Cari Hodges, shared her success story through the Job Corps program. Before JCC, Hodges only found employment waitressing and “was paid on Friday and…broke by Monday.” When she saw a television commercial about the Gary JCC, she was motivated to attend as she “wanted a career, not simply a job.”

After graduation, Hodges worked as a wedding industry consultant for five years. Hodges noted that the “structure and responsibility that I learned at Job Corps was the guiding force in my job.” She then was hired by the Driver’s License Division with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) as a customer support specialist and was promoted to supervisor in 2011. She now works for the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation as a Program Manager for the Driver Education and Safety programs in Texas. “Gary Job Corps taught me structure, safety, stability, and integrity… Job Corps helped me learn to carefully make my decisions, stand by my decisions and make those decisions successful,” according to Hodges. #jobcorpsworks John Cornyn Senator Ted Cruz Rep. Lloyd Doggett
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2 weeks ago