Job Corps succeeds because it takes a demand-driven approach to workforce development. Job Corps recognizes that the only way to prepare workers to be successful in the workforce is to train them for the jobs and to the standards that employers themselves identify. That is why every Job Corps center has an industry advisory council that helps ensure that the trades offered at the center match workforce needs and that the curricula of these trades match the skills local and regional employers are seeking.

Each day, individual Job Corps centers are developing new partnerships with local employers in a variety of industries from health care to energy and homeland security. These local employers, often small businesses, directly shape the training Job Corps students receive which allows them to quickly fi nd and hire qualified employees. This reduces the resources small businesses must devote to staffi ng agencies and on-the-job training and also qualifies them for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.



Job Corps has also replicated the success of employer partnerships at the local level with national employers. Over the years, these national employer partners have included:



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