13 Jun 2020

Meet Our Alumni/Graduates of the Quarter

Meet Alumni/Graduate of the Quarter: Kevin Galloway

 Kevin Galloway recently graduated in April 2020 with an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Prior to joining Job Corps, Kevin was working at a storage facility but decided he was sick of how he was living and wanted something more. He now works at  Keep it Running Automotive.

Q: What did you study at your center?  What extracurricular activities were you involved in? 

A: I studied Automotive Technology, and worked at All American Transmission, in Madison Heights VA.

Q. How did Job Corps prepare you for work? 

A:  Becoming a real man: working to get my own car and apartment.

Q: What advice do you have for other Job Corps students:

A: Keep pushing.

Meet Alumni/Graduate of the Quarter: Elijah Taybron

Prior to joining Job Corps, Elijah Taybron worked as a FedEx package handler. When he joined the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center, he studied welding, received a 1G certification and graduated in 2019. Elijah now resides in Newport News, Virginia, utilizing the skills he learned with us as a welder for the Newport News Shipyard. He also served as a peer counselor, helping others to succeed in the program.

Q: What led you to the program?

A: I saw that it was a good opportunity that could lead to more income as well as becoming financially independent.

Q: How did Job Corps prepare you for work? 

A: Job Corps prepared me for work by teaching me how to be a good

employee. The Career Success Standards I learned showed me that it is not only important to have a trade, but to have ‘soft-skills’ that directly

translate to the workforce such as the ability to problem-solve or effectively